Climb Mount Kilimanjaro and others with us and experience the wild of Africa in a safe environment


Where you can also make real friends along the way in Africa, due to this kindness, handwork and helpfulness.

We do our trekking sometimes with donkeys to carry our staff and camping equipment because their are no roads. You will sleep in the bush some days with camp crew and rangers who will take care of you in case of wild animals.the walk can take 3-4 days.

Her you will be with camping crew known as the Massai people, who will take care of the donkeys, rangers, guides, cooks and porters.


Some other kind of trekking we also do is going the empakai crater Olmoti crater, Lengai crater and other many places where our safaris a always a big success as they don’t limit you to experience the landscapes and breath a fresh air from the flora and fauna of Tanzania .

The walk can take 6-8hrs

Here you will be with Masai guide, Rangers and your tour guide for more knowledge about everything.

Most of the trekking we do in the morning because its cool and evening some places.