Without doubt the most famous of all the National Parks in Tanzania, if not Africa, the Serengeti has so much to offer both first time, and repeat visitors alike with over 90,000 tourists visiting the park each year.  The Serengeti eco-system is thought to be one of the oldest on earth, whose climate, flora and fauna have scarcely changed over the last million years.  Visitors hoping to see African wildlife in its natural environment will definitely not be disappointed here, with native animals such as zebra, lion, rhino and wildebeest inhabiting the park.  But it is the annual migration of the wildebeest that the Serengeti is perhaps most famous, with over a million of the animals moving from the northern hills to the southern plains every October.  Our experienced driver guides know all there is to know about the Serengeti, so come and experience all the joys of this unique landscape and let us help you create memories to last a lifetime.

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