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Bearfoot Expeditions was born in 2007, the creation and inspiration of Justin Mathias Mosha.  Coming from Marangu village, at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, Justin began guiding in 1992 with Ranger Safaris, having obtained a diploma from Mweka College in Moshi.  Bearfoot Expeditions started as a modest tour company with a small staff and limited vehicles but over time has grown into a business of 19 staff, 10 safari vehicles, transfer cars and two trucks!  Justin also owns a mechanical garage that services all his safari vehicles, so personally ensures they are in the best condition for your trip.

For those visitors not fluent in Swahili or English, Hakuna Matata, as Justin also speaks French to a high standard and a little Spanish as a bonus, so being understood is one less thing to worry about!  Also playing a big part in the company are Makuru Nyakiboa and Huruma Simon, both of whom have been with Bearfoot for 8 years and come with a total of 50 years of experience between them.

In addition to his vast experience in the safari business, Justin also has a super friendly personality and an infectious laugh which is guaranteed to not only make you smile but will absolutely make your trip one that you will never forget.

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We love Africa and we have experienced its magic enough times to make us itch to share it with you. Take a closer look at each of us below, from our Travel Consultants to our Accountants to our intrepid Founder and CEOs.

These are the people who will make your African dreams come true.

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