DestinationsTarangire National Park Tour

One of the more popular stops on Tanzania’s Northern Circuit, and located just a few hours’ drive from Arusha, is Tarangire National Park, a stunning setting and a haven for the world’s largest land mammal, the beautiful elephant.

Tarangire National Park offers incredible big game viewing, and breathtaking views of the Maasai Steppe and mountains in the south, which undoubtedly makes Tarangire one of the more memorable safaris in Tanzania.

Outside the Serengeti ecosystem, the Tarangire offers the largest concentration of wildlife in Tanzania and one of the few places where antelope such as the unusual fringe-eared oryx are regularly observed.

There is much on offer in Tarangire such as day trips to Maasai villages and guided walking safaris, so don’t forget to plan well in advance!